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1. Welcome Message

  • Welcome message from our President, Michael Taylor

2. Academic Support


  • Welcome from our Chief Academic Advisor, Clea Andreadis
  • Chief Academic Office responsibilities
  • Expectations for this semester
  • Teaching styles this semester


3. Learning Resource Center

  • Tutors
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC) services


4. Registration

  • Welcome message from our Registrar, Alex Wolniak
  • Services provided by the Registrar
  • The Family Education Rights and Privacy (FERPA)


5. Student Support

  • Welcome message from our Chief Student Services Officer, Keiko Broomhead
  • Financial Aid information  


6. Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Welcome message from the Director of Student Affairs, Maryela Fiscal
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Title IX
  • The Family Education Rights and Privacy (FERPA)
  • Academic Honesty