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Academic Questions

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Academic Questions

Q:           What can I do with my RAMP Certificate?

A:            The RAMP Certificate is a first step towards working in the field of clinical research. Some entry-level jobs that a RAMP Certificate can prepare you for include: Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Clinical Trial Associate, and Research Coordinator.

After working in the clinical research field, you may find that you want to continue your education towards an associate, bachelor’s, or higher degree. Many employers of clinical research coordinators offer tuition reimbursement for employees to help further their education, so pursuing this career pathway may help you reduce the costs of earning a postsecondary degree in the future.

For more information on the benefits of working as a clinical research coordinator, please refer to the Clinical Research Coordinator job description on O*NET Online.


Q:           What does the Research Apprenticeship Multicultural Partnership produce in terms of a degree?

A:            Students who complete the RAMP program earn an 18-credit academic certificate. RAMP program credits may be transferable to an associate or bachelor's degree. It is out hope that students who complete the RAMP program will be well-positioned to work in the field of clinical research, as well as use their experience to pursue an associate, bachelor's, or higher degree in a related field.

In addition to the certificate, students who complete the RAMP program will also have received a Google Chromebook (free upon completion of on-site technology training), completed a paid internship with a research partner, and been mentored by clinical research coordinators currently working in the field.

Q:           What is the deadline for applying to the RAMP?

A:            All applications to the RAMP program must be submitted via the application Google Form by noon (12:00 PM) on Monday, January 20, 2020.


Q:           When do classes start? What are the dates corresponding to course and program registration?

A:            All information related to dates can be found on the Academic Calendar page.


Q:           Is admission to the RAMP program guaranteed upon application?

A:            Unlike most other courses offered at UCB, which are open admission, the RAMP program involves an admissions and selection process.


Q:           What admissions criteria does the RAMP program use for applicants during the admissions process?

The RAMP program strives to fulfill Urban College of Boston's mission to support students in overcoming economic, social, and language barriers to achieve academic, personal or professional aspirations, while still aspiring to the academic and experiential rigor necessary for RAMP recruits to gain employment as clinical research coordinators. Some admissions criteria that we are assessing for include:

  • How familiar is the applicant with medical terminology, and/or how much is the applicant willing to learn on the subject?
  • What capacity does the applicant have to follow extensive and detailed protocol set by administrators and funders of clinical research programs?
  • How competent is the applicant in digital technologies used within the setting of clinical research programs?
  • What capacity does the applicant have for extensive and cross-cultural communication skills required within a clinical research program?
  • What capacity does the applicant have for qualitative (text-based) and quantitative (numbers-based) documentation as required by clinical research programs?
  • What capacity does the applicant have for the emotional and professional demands of a clinical research program imposed both by research colleagues and participants of research studies?
  • To what degree would entering the field of clinical research field represent a positive upward economic or career movement for the applicant?

For further clarification on any of these admissions criteria, or for general questions about the RAMP program, please contact Caitlin Callahan at or 617-449-7038.


Enrollment Questions

Q:           I am currently taking classes at the Urban College of Boston. Do I still have to apply to the RAMP?

A:            Yes, you will still have to fill out the RAMP application to be considered for the 2020 RAMP cohort. Please note, unlike most other Urban College of Boston programs which are open admission, the RAMP program involves a selection process. For more information on the admissions criteria for the RAMP program, please refer to the Academic Questions section of this FAQ page.


Q:           I have previous post-secondary coursework which may be relevant to this program. Am I able to transfer this coursework for credit?

A:            Unfortunately, because the RAMP program is made up of a specialized cohort, it is unlikely that the Urban College of Boston will be able to accept transfer credits to be applied to this program. For further information, please contact Chief Academic Officer Clea Andreadis at


Q:           Can I enroll in certain courses for the RAMP program without committing to the entire academic program?

A:            Unfortunately, because the RAMP program has a specialized cohort, only students enrolled in the RAMP program can enroll in RAMP-specific courses.


Q:           I was admitted to the RAMP program. Am I permitted to take additional classes outside of the RAMP course curriculum?

A:            Yes, students enrolled in the RAMP program are permitted to take additional classes, so long as those classes do not present a scheduling conflict for any given semester. For questions related to academic advising and course registration, please contact Clea Andreadis, Chief Academic Officer at


Diversity & Inclusion

Q:           Why is Urban College of Boston offering the RAMP program?

A:            The RAMP program was born from UCB’s history of providing access to education and economic opportunities for traditionally underserved residents of Greater Boston. Of the nearly 1,400 students enrolled at UCB during the 2018-2019 academic year, 91% of students were women, approximately 69% spoke English as a second language, and their average age was 38. UCB has also long served an ethnically- and racially-diverse student body; in 2018-2019, 65.3% identified as Hispanic/Latino, 14.8% as Black or African American, 13.9% as Asian, 4.4% as White, 0.2% as Native American, and 1.4% as another race or ethnicity. UCB offers classes and academic advising in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Through the RAMP program, UCB and our program partners seek to use access to education as a central component of a long-term solution to increase diversity and inclusion in the clinical research workforce.

Q:           Who is the RAMP program geared towards?

A:            As a multicultural partnership, the RAMP program aims to empower people of color and/or members of underrepresented communities in medicine to work in the field of clinical research. The primary goal of the RAMP program is to provide a direct and affordable pathway for students from underrepresented backgrounds from underrepresented backgrounds to gain competency as clinical research coordinators. In addition, the program aims to positively affect clinical research participation and outcomes through the development of a culturally competent workforce. Through the RAMP program, Urban College of Boston strives to build on its history of using education to promote economic mobility and forge a new, accessible career pathway into the health sciences.

For more information on the importance of representation in clinical trials, please refer to the Representation of Diverse Populations page on the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center website.

If you would like to speak with a representative about applying to the RAMP program, or have any questions about applying, please contact Caitlin Callahan at or 617-449-7038.


Partnerships & Sponsorships

Q:         I’m a clinical research professional or funder who is interested in getting involved with the RAMP in some way. How can I get in touch?

A:            For partnership inquiries, please contact Clea Andreadis, Chief Academic Officer at

Q:         I am an individual, organization, or foundation interested in supporting the RAMP program in some way. How can I get in touch?

A:            Thank you for considering contributing financially to support this program. Please contact Caitlin Callahan, Director of Development at

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