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RAMP Program Calendar

Spring 2020 (February 13-May 28)

  • CRC101: Clinical Research Coordination I (3 credits)
  • COM112: Speech Communication for Health Professions (3 credits)


Summer 2020 (June 9-August 27)

  • PRO101-CRC: Professional Seminar I (4 credits)


Fall 2020 (September 8-December 18)

  • CRC102: Clinical Research Coordination II (3 credits)
  • ENG111: College Writing I (for any student who has not yet taken ENG111) (3 credits)


Spring 2021 (January 19-May 10)

  • PRO201-CRC: Professional Seminar II (5 credits – embedded internship)


Total: 21 credits

Important Contacts

Caitlin Callahan

Director of Development

Urban College of Boston



Clea Andreadis

Chief Academic Officer

Urban College of Boston