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Urban College of Boston is committed to information literacy. 

Gale Databases

With assistance from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Massachusetts Library System, and with state and federal funds, UCB offers a full suite of databases covering virtually all subject areas and academic disciplines, as well as an extensive collection of e-books, reference materials, encyclopedias, journals, newspapers, and other resources. The site can be accessed at any time from any computer or mobile device at:

Emerson College

Through an interlibrary loan agreement, UCB students have access to the book collections of neighboring Emerson College’s Iwasaki Library. From UCB’s above mentioned e-resources page, students and faculty can search Emerson College’s collection, and fill out an online form to complete their interlibrary library loan requests.

Boston Public Library

With a collection of over 23 million items, the Boston Public Library (BPL) is one of the largest municipal library systems in the United States. Their vast collection serves as a remarkably rich resource for UCB students, who with their personal library card (obtainable online), also have access to BPL’s comprehensive databases for research and knowledge on any and every topic. Visits to the library are parts of many classes.

Information Resources Handbook

To access the College’s Information Resources Handbook, please click here:

Information Resources Handbook 2018


Plagiarism Policy

Students at Urban College must strive to uphold their responsibility to acknowledge the contribution others’ work makes to their own projects. To that end, the college has developed the following plagiarism policy. Proof of any of the following can result in disciplinary action, including a failing grade in the course, to be decided upon by the instructor and/or Academic Dean.

  1. Submitting papers, homework or exams written by others
  2. Copying a portion of another person's work word-for-word without using quotation marks and the appropriate citation.
  3. Paraphrasing or restating another person's ideas without acknowledging the original author
  4. Creating a citation that links a quote or paraphrase to the incorrect source.
  5. Submitting the same work for more than one course or assignment
  6. If you are worried about accidental plagiarism in your own writing, please get the advice of your professor, advisor, or LRC tutor.


College Information Resources Handbook

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