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Improving Life through Community Partnerships:

Over the years, the College has honored its commitment to serving communities through providing educational services and resources to meet the collective and individual needs of students and to ensure their professional and personal success. In order to provide students with access to the resources for educational advancement, UCB has forged a series of partnerships with local community agencies.

In recent years, these partnerships have produced inspiring results through meeting people in their neighborhoods and teaching them in their native languages. Tutorials and classes in different languages have been immensely popular at the local partnership levels as these low-cost community education projects are affordable for low-income students and also beneficial to their pursuit of career-focused higher education.


In many ways, UCB stands apart from traditional college systems.
We offer:


  • Alternative locations beyond Boston
  • Multilingual tutorials and classes in Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • The UCB website, translated in three, languages helps students in gaining access to affordable continuing education for hundreds of resourceful working class adults from different communities
  • Accelerated 5-week courses—a fast-forward move to the gateway of a professional career
  • Courses near students’ homes and workplaces, are run through a network of solid community partnerships with different local organizations, such as Project Hope, The Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, and Lawrence Childcare Circuit

Courses near students’ homes and workplaces, are run through a network of solid community partnerships with different local organizations, such as Project Hope, The Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, and Lawrence Childcare Circuit

A Noble Cause:

UCB has passionately dedicated itself to the cause of meeting the collective and individual needs of the students and their professional and personal success through making vital resources available for their educational advancement, specifically, for students who face extreme financial and cultural adversities in everyday life. Highlights from the demographic features of our students:

  • Lower income students constitute 76%
  • Over 41% lived on welfare benefits at a trying time in their life
  • 94% are women and 58 % of the students are out of school education
    for more than 10 years
  • More than 30% speak English as a second language;
    Over 53% are Hispanic; 27% African American;16% Asian American

But, despite all the difficulties and impediments, our students have achieved remarkable success in their professional life with UCB`s affordable and job-oriented education.

Our Successful Partnerships:

UCB has introduced a range of community-based educational projects in partnership with some of Boston’s leading agencies at the grassroots levels. The joint venture projects are making rapid strides to reach out to multilingual students at their convenient locations. Our students speak different languages and they come from distant towns around Metro Boston, such as Quincy, Newton, Malden, Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, Brockton, Randolph, Lowell and Fitchburg. To cater to their needs of affordable higher education, our partnerships have opened language-based educational opportunities for the communities.

Some of our partnership programs are:

Project Hope: As a leading Boston-based community agency, Project Hope provides wide-ranging services to alleviate poverty and homelessness from women’s lives. Recently, UCB has partnered with Project Hope to foster career-focused educational programs to remote fringes of Boston. This collaboration has made it possible to offer 4 courses that helped 12 students to qualify as teachers and 12 more students to complete their Associate of
Arts degree in Early Childhood Education.

UCB and Project Hope are natural allies because both have a common goal of improving working  women’s lives. The majority of our students are women who struggle to make both ends meet and our partnership has resulted in a see-change in their lives and families. This project offers Spanish, Transition to English, and Reading and Writing/ Skills SOL classes.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC): Based out of Boston`s Chinatown neighborhood, BCNC is engaged in implementing community education projects. The partnership with UCB has proved effective in assisting 19 childcare providers to earn their Certificate or Associate degrees in Early Childhood Education. Under this project, one third of the classes are taken in students’ native languages, while at the same time, the students may also take English classes to make a smooth transition to mainstream society.

Child Care Circuit (CCC): As a local childcare agency based out of Lawrence MA, the CCC has tied up with UCB to offer two courses: Child Growth and Development and Special Education for Children. UCB`s partnership with CCC has introduced 26 students to Teacher Certification classes and an additional 25 students to earn credits toward Lead Teacher Certification.

Freedom House: Located in Dorchester MA, Freedom House runs two courses in collaboration with UCB: Introduction to Human Services and (EPS) Child Growth and Development.

Bellas Manitas: A Bilingual Learning Center: This agency is based in Somerville and it gives Child Growth and Development course on Tuesday and Thursday.

East Boston APAC: This East Boston agency provides Child Growth and Development course in Spanish language only on Saturdays.

Ready to Learn: As a nonprofit organization in Providence RI, Ready to Learn, in partnership with UCB, offers a class on Guidance and Discipline in Spanish language only on Thursdays.

ABCD Learning Works: As UCB`s partner organization, ABCD Learning Works
takes two classes—Child Growth and Development and Reading and Writing Skills II—in English language on Thursdays and Wednesdays. 

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